Afternoon delight


Yesterday mum and I spent a lovely afternoon at am:pm  , a restaurant located in Belfast city centre.  It’s one of my all time favourite places, having discovered it by accident about 7 years ago. I hadn’t been into Belfast in a while and we felt like treating ourselves so am:pm it had to be.  I especially love the décor – it’s cosy, whimsical, eclectic and welcoming all at the same time. We arrived quite early in the afternoon so it was still quiet but by the time we left the place was packed – mainly by women enjoying afternoon tea in the adjoining room.

Mum had some crispy chicken tenders and I had a black olive tapenade bruschetta, washed down with a bottle of rose and a serving of skinny fries ! The food was lovely , the service was good and it was a treat just to sit there and chat, soak up the atmosphere and feel cocooned in our surroundings. As you can see from the pictures below, am:pm is a real treat for the eye and I can’t think of anywhere else in Belfast quite like it !



If you are ever visiting Belfast and need a rest from sightseeing or shopping, am:pm is well worth a visit – just to rest your weary feet, have a refreshment and escape from the hubbub. I highly recommend the Genoise sponge for dessert (with cream and fresh fruit) – the portion was enormous but mum and I managed it between us.


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