Happiness is…a squeaky chicken


Boris the Basset has a new toy. A chicken that squeaks..a lot. He is obsessed with it and plays it with constantly. The more squeaks I hear, the happier I know he is – tearing around the garden with it and chewing it to death. I’m not sure how long the chicken will last but if it makes my dog happy, then I’m happy too.

A few other things have made me smile this week:-.homemade Victoria sponge to celebrate my mum and dad’s 51st wedding anniversary, flowers in bloom in the garden and pretty violas on display at the local garden centre.  Spring is most definitely here and it’s time to get back in the garden.


ps  the recipe for Victoria sponge can be found here on the BBC Good Food website. I’ve used the recipe loads and it works a treat. I use Wilkin & Sons Tiptree ‘Tiny Tip’ Raspberry jam – I much prefer it to strawberry and I add a little bit more vanilla essence to make the buttercream extra special – the combination of the two is delicious !

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