Hot Chocolate at the Roving Cafe


On a damp, chilly day in February last year, we found ourselves in Bethnal Green, London waiting for family to arrive for a trip to the Last Tuesday Society (a museum of curiosities, taxidermy etc).  We had arrived  early and decided to pass some time  taking a walk around some of the local parks – getting a breath of fresh air and smiling at the squirrels who were running riot.

After wandering around and starting to feel a little cold,  I needed a sit down and a  hot drink.  Our family are never the most punctual of people and so I knew we might have to wait a while. Thankfully as we made our way back round Bethnal Green Gardens a lovely vision of a mint green van came into sight. As we drew closer I was delighted to discover it was a mobile café  called Roving Café.  I stopped to admire  the van – it was so cheerful looking with pretty bunting and tables set out for customers. The tables even had polka dot tablecloths and small plants on them. We chatted to the friendly owner and with our hot chocolates bought we sat down at one of the tables and just enjoyed the moment. I was struck by the effort the owner had gone to make her mobile café so appealing. Secretly I was thinking to myself I’d quite like to do that one day – convert an old van, bake some cakes and work for myself. I know it’s not quite as simple as that but I did find it quite inspiring . If you are ever in that area of London, it’s a lovely place to stop as they do cakes and lunches too. After enjoying lots of things in London that weekend, it’s probably that little green van that I remember the most !


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