In a green garden

Prunus amanagowa


It’s been a long, draining and mentally challenging week at work. I’m relieved that the weekend is almost here. The saving grace this week has been the lovely sunny weather. It’s a well know fact here in Northern Ireland that the best weather of summer arrives at exam season and this May has proved no exception. I remember back to 1988 when I was revising for my A Levels – I sat outside with my sunglasses on while studying French literature and  finding it very hard to concentrate when I really wanted to be doing something else !

Well, exams are long behind me now and it is just so lovely, after a long day,  to return home from work and find the garden bathed in warm hazy sunshine.  Being able to throw open the doors, sit outside and enjoy some food al fresco is a real treat. Best of all, the garden has burst into bloom. Gardening can be hard work but nature does offer the best rewards – pretty blooms and  delicate colours year after year. It’s no wonder then that the garden is often where I feel happiest. Work woes are forgotten and a sense of calm returns. Here are just a few pictures from around my garden this week.

Dicentra spectabilis (bleeding heart)


Primula japonica Millers Crimson
Eve Price Viburnum


I hope you enjoy your weekend wherever you are  and whatever the weather but keep your fingers crossed the sunny weather continues !

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