Pimms, poppies and a sunbathing pup


I was greeted by a torrential downpour as I left work today and thought to myself – is that the summer over ? We’ve been blessed with lovely weather for the last week – sunny skies and beautiful sunsets  and to see the rain is a bit disconcerting.  Summer weather is notoriously unpredictable here in Northern Ireland, so when you get more than one day of sunshine it is a glorious thing. You never quite know when the next rays of sunshine might arrive and so you have to make the most of it when it’s here.

Over the weekend, that’s exactly what I did. All notions of housework and DIY went out the window. Instead, out came the sunbed and a bottle of Pimms that’s been waiting for summer to arrive and a chilled vibe settled on the house for the weekend. Ptetty much the whole weekend was spent outdoors – walking the dog and admiring poppies and wildflowers growing at the roadside or in the garden sipping a Pimms , enjoying the sun and generally ‘chillaxing’.  Even Boris got in on the act – he jumped up onto the sunbed and made himself right at home.






All in all, a very relaxing weekend – a chance to recharge the batteries, soak up the sun and get that happy feeling. All done without venturing too far and without spending too much money. I hope, wherever you are, your weekend was just as enjoyable 🙂



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