The joys of far


June has been a busy month so far both at home and at work. Hubby is in France for the football, my dad’s just had eye surgery, I surprised myself by completing a 10k run and Boris the basset is getting more boisterous by the second.

It was only when I stopped for five minutes on Friday that I realised it’s been busy in the garden too. With a recent spell of rain, the poppies have popped, the lady mantel is rampant and bugs and bees are buzzing around the place. I took a few pictures while I had the chance – as I think this is when my garden looks at its best – full of life and abundance.

Lady mantel is one of my favourite plants – at this time of year it bursts into gorgeous lime green flowers. It can take over your garden if you aren’t careful but it creates a lovely feeling of abundance …


and a lovely contrast against the pink lupins and dark green hedge.


I have one poppy plant in the garden too – each bud pops in succession to reveal these beautiful flowers. They don’t flower for very long but it’s worth the wait to see them each year. Nature’s cycle never fails to amaze me. Despite everything the Northern Ireland weather throws at them, these poppies come back stronger each summer.


 The bees have been busy too. I’ve tried over the years to introduce some bee friendly plants into the garden and they do make a beeline (pardon the pun!) for this mallow plant, nestling  into the gorgeous pink flowers and gathering the pollen.


I found this little fella too, basking in the sunlight amongst the lillies.



Elsewhere, other flowers have been in bloom for a few weeks now and it’s lovely to see their delicate petals bobbing in the breeze and their colours bring the garden to life. It’s something I never tire of.


So, a busy two weeks in June – I wonder what the next two weeks will bring ? Hopefully some sunshine, more lovely sunsets and more joy in the garden.

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