An oasis on a hot day


In the early days of my blog, I shared some memories of a holiday in Marrakech (Memories of Marrakech).  It was a real experience for me , witnessing a different culture and way of life. Probably one of the most memorable experiences was on our very first day. After breakfast at our beautiful riad, we took a taxi across town to visit Les Jardins de Majorelle.( Majorelle Garden).

I do love a garden and this is probably one of the most beautiful, inspiring gardens I have visited. At 11am the day was already hot, dry and dusty but walking through the entrance to this garden was like stepping into an oasis. The garden has a beautiful display of exotic plants and cacti and although it was already filling up with tourists at that time, there was still plenty of space to meander along the terracotta paths and take in the stunning views.




The garden was designed by French painter Jacques Majorelle who created the stunning shade of cobalt blue (Majorelle blue) that is prevalent throughout the garden. In later years, the garden would fall into decline before being bought by Yves St Laurent in 1980. He undertook the job of restoring the garden back to its former glory.

We spent a leisurely two hours walking through the garden, taking in the pools, streams and fountains and enjoying some much needed shade from the hot sun.




It was a lovely introduction to Marrakech, a calm and peaceful oasis in a hot and somewhat chaotic city   We lingered a while sipping mint tea at the café and reflected on our first impressions of Marrakech – hot, chaotic and buzzing with life – and feeling refreshed after our tea and a sit down in the shade, we ventured back out into the streets ready to take on our next adventure in the red city.

I  highly recommend a visit if you get the opportunity to travel to Marrakech. Lots of other people think the same from the great reviews on Tripadvisor. You can also learn more about the gardens at their website here.

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