It’s time to talk about Boris


I’m referring, of course, to Boris the Basset…and not any other Boris there may have been in the news of late. People outside the UK might not know who I am referring to, in which case I mean Boris Johnson, one of the leading campaigners in the vote to exit from the EU.

Anyway, back to Boris the Basset who recently had his six month check up at the vet. According to the lovely vet’s assistant who gave him lots of treats, Boris is doing very well. He is up to 17 kg in weight and is showing all the signs that he is developing into a confident and self assured dog. I was really pleased to hear that news.

We can see lots of changes in him of late –  his bark is deepening into a great Basset hound lament, he seems to like the sound of his own bark, he is testing boundaries all the time and he is now long enough to reach up to the kitchen table and steal things !



We just love him to bits and he is is an endless source of joy and happiness every day. There is never a dull moment even when his ‘help’ in the garden is not always welcome !


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