A bookish afternoon


I love books and I love reading. As a kid, after my mum tucked me into bed, out would come the torch and I’d hide under the covers reading something until the wee small hours. Like most, I’ve got used to buying my books on Amazon these days – it’s quick, it’s easy and it’s cheaper.  I haven’t actually been in a book shop for a long time – it’s normally something I reserve for holidays when I have more time to wander around.

So, it was something of a treat to spend a Friday afternoon  in Waterstones, Belfast …an actual physical book store, lined with books as far as the eye can see, books you can actually pick up and read. For almost two hours I wandered around the different sections, lingering longer at the children’s books, the interior design and gardening books, as well as the contemporary fiction, discovering new books , reconnecting with old childhood favourites and rediscovering the joys of a wonderful book store.

I was surprised to see some classics hadn’t changed – like this Ladybird classic of Cinderella – it’s the cover I remember from when I was five.


It made me laugh out loud to read through some of the new Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups.  ‘The Hangover’ in particular, stuck a cord ! Never thought I’d see Ladybird publish this sort of thing.


And I was surprised even more to see some Enid Blyton books still on sale. I absolutely loved Enid Blyton as a child (the Famous Five really captured my imagination) but I thought they had gone out of fashion. I wonder if Waterstones sell many of these ?

I was quite taken by some of the great book covers – especially in the children’s section like these of The Wizard of Oz and The Hundred and One Dalmations.



And I thought this was a lovely, colourful space for kids to hear stories.


Right on trend, there was a great choice of colouring in books for adults. Not my thing, personally, but I’ve been told it’s very good for reducing stress.


More to my taste, there was also a lovely selection of stationery.


Perhaps what I noticed most was that the store was really busy and the till just kept on ringing as people queued to buy books. And probably the best thing of all…I got to discover books that I would never otherwise have come across. These two are on my wish list

1.How to be Parisian..wherever you are. Something I’ve never quite achieved but still aspire to !


2. Cabin Porn – great title, about ‘ Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere’


I finally ended up buying one of my all time favourites. I borrowed this from my local library when I was about 7 – the story and the book cover have stayed with me ever since. I can’t wait to read it again.


Then, feeling suitably inspired and bookish, it was upstairs for a cappuccino and a caramel square to round off a lovely afternoon.


  1. I love books and bookstores. We also have the books for adults to color here too. I haven’t tried it myself. I never heard of Swallows and Amazons. That looks interesting.

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