Hothouse flowers


We are having a mini heat wave !!!!! It really is mini, though – a total of three days and today is the third day. I think this might be the hottest day of the year so far and it’s fabulous. The flowers are basking in the glorious sunshine, soaking up the heat and providing zingy pops of colour around the garden. From the sunshine yellow of begonias to the burnt orange of heavenly helleniums, it’s a joy to see these in all their glory after some soggy weeks of wet weather.



The helleniums were planted a few years ago and  come up faithfully every year like little rays of sunshine.The begonias are in a hanging basket which I bought from Homebase – just couldn’t resist this gorgeous yellow.


I’m glad to see this one survived the winter…


And this little firecracker bought from Ballyrobert Cottage Garden just a few weeks ago is thriving. It’s delicate little orange flowers seem to burst into flame when the sun arrives !



Even if it should rain tomorrow, I’m so glad the sun visited us – just to see these little beauties dazzle and sizzle for a while.

  1. Lovely pictures. Your comment on the “heat-wave” reminds me of one good reason why we left Ireland. Here it is midwinter – cold – 12- 15 degrees but 3 days of sunshine. Des.


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