Simple summer pleasures

day off 6

Today I had the luxury of a Monday off. My parents are on holiday and it has been virtually impossible to find a dog sitter/dog walker. So Boris was left with me for a whole day. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise – no 5:45 am start, no commute, no deadlines, just a late lie in bed followed by a few chores and then a lazy afternoon in the garden as the sun made a rare appearance.

Out came the flip flops from the closet, followed by a bottle of wine – time to relax,  chill with the dog on the grass , mess about taking pictures on my phone as you do and catch up on some reading.

day off 1

day off 8

day off 5

day off 3

And, of course, enjoy the sunshine, fleeting thought it might be.

day off 2

day off 9

I try to make the most of afternoons like these and I happily spent a while reading in the hazy sunshine. Currently I am enjoying  Londontown  (see pic below) by Susannah Conway,  a photographer and blogger. I recently took part in one of Susannah’s online courses called Blogging from the Heart and I knew the book would not disappoint. Described as a ‘photographic love letter to this bustling world capital’, the book is full of inspirational photography of both London’s best known sights and its hidden gems.  I love it and it really inspires me to get there and improve my photographs too. I know virtually nothing about photography, all I have is my phone but it is definitely a goal of mine to improve my skills !

day off 11

All in all, as they say here, I’ve had a great ‘wee day’ and hopefully if the forecast is right, there is more sunshine to follow tomorrow.

To learn more about Susannah Conway, you can visit her lovely website here

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