Holiday blues


I’m just back from spending a week in Cala’n Bosch – a small resort located on the south west coast of Menorca (one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Spain). It was my first time to the island and I have to say, I think I have fallen in love with it – with blue skies, turquoise seas and abundant sunshine, it would be hard not to.

We took a boat trip one afternoon to explore a little of the beautiful coastline – a coast dotted with intriguing caves, sandy romantic coves and beautiful, family friendly beaches.




The surrounding area is covered by woodland – beautiful pine trees that provide much needed shade from the hot sun.


And as you would expect, some beautiful holiday homes can be found here. We thought for a moment how lovely it would be to buy a little hideaway but after seeing the property prices we realised we wouldn’t be moving there any time soon !


I think this one was my favourite…secluded and perched at the water’s edge with a path leading down to a shimmering sea.


And although our holiday is now over and that ‘Monday morning’ feeling is slowly sinking in, my enduring memory of this island is blue – a beautiful turquoise blue sea glistening in the sunshine. The perfect place to recharge the batteries and regain a sense of wanderlust.




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