Ciutadella is a small town on the western coast of Menorca, about a 15 minute bus journey from the resort of Cala en Bosch where we recently stayed on holiday at the beginning of September. To be honest, I had never heard of this place and when you are enjoying a mojito by the pool on a warm, sunny day, it can sometimes be hard to drag yourself away from that and make an effort to explore your surroundings. But on this occasion, I am so glad I did.

At a grand total of 4 Euros for two return tickets off we ventured on the bus, a nice air conditioned coach as it happens, to explore what turned out to be a hidden gem and a total delight.

Having no fixed agenda, we made our way along firstly to the picturesque port, stopping for coffee at one of the many cafes dotted along the water’s edge.



Then feeling refreshed, we meandered into the maze of long narrow streets that make up the town’s old quarter. Such a lovely discovery – beautiful architecture reflecting the town’s many influences (Moorish and Italian among them), the buildings painted in tones of yellow, saffron and earthy brown , the intricate detailing on doors and gates, and simply the way the sunlight fell along the streets. I was really quite taken with the place.




It was siesta for part of the time we were there, but that just gave us an opportunity to wander round more of the narrow streets and enjoy them at their quietest.



This is perhaps my favourite image of the afternoon we spent there..a cobbled, desolate street during siesta.


All in all, a lovely discovery and well worth a visit – for the architecture and the atmosphere alone but also full of pretty boutiques and trendy bars and restaurants to keep you occupied.  I would hope to return one day.

I hope you enjoy these images – amazing what a smartphone can capture these days !

(PS We travelled with Jet 2 direct from Belfast to Menorca staying at Hotel Casas del Lago)

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