Winter wonders


It has been a mild December so far, unusually so, and yet with the shorter days and the beautiful winter light, I can’t help getting that end of year, Christmas is just round the corner sort of feeling.  Sometimes it can seem a bit of bleak – I look out into the garden and everything is dormant but December seems to have a magic all of its own.

Like when you pop to Ikea and Mr Reindeer makes an appearance…


And your local council holds its first ever Christmas Market and you can buy a little glass of Prosecco at the Mobile Bubbly Bar.  I pimped mine up with some raspberries and a dash of elderflower – delicious.


And pretty window displays capture your imagination and make you feel all Christmasy…



And as you return home from walking the dog, you notice the sun setting behind the trees, creating a beautiful ethereal light that makes you grab your phone and take a picture before the moment is gone. Love this…


And then once indoors again, snuggling up on the sofa to read a good book. This one is top of the pile and I can’t wait to read it – To the Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey. If you recall from my post I’m not very tall..and other tales, the Snow Child also written by Eowyn Ivey is my favourite book and so I have high expectations of this one. Set in Alaska, it tells the story of Lieutenant Colonel Allen Forrester who is charged with navigating Alaska’s Wolverine river while his expectant wife is left to face a year in military barracks awaiting his return.  A tale of adventure and courage, it sounds like perfect winter reading to me. You find out more here


Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. I reached 100 blog followers a few days ago and I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read my posts. I truly appreciate it.

  1. I love your first photo of the winter light. And that book sounds very good. I like to read about Alaska. Congratulations for 100 followers!


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