Following on from Susannah Conway’s  Find Your Word 2017 course (original blog post here), I  have chosen the word Nourish as my word for 2017. According to the dictionary, the word Nourish means ‘to provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health and condition’. This seems like the perfect word for me just now and to keep me on track throughout the year. An appropriate word too as the January weather is turning distinctly chilly…

I’d thought I’d share a few of my favourite nourishing rituals – simple things really, nothing too expensive but effective nonetheless. I do like things that do what they say on the tin !


  1. Tea – for me, nothing warms the soul or restores the spirit like tea. A cuppa first thing in the morning before the sun is up is a must and at regular intervals throughout the day too. My favourite brew is Clipper Fairtrade Everyday Tea.
  2. Porridge – this really does set me up for the day. Nutritional,  quick and easy to make, it warms the body and sustains me pretty much until late morning. I love to make a bowl of Flavahans Porridge Oatlets (made in Ireland), creamy and delicious and enjoyed at the kitchen table with a dollop of golden syrup.
  3. Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm – I’ve been a fan for a few years. Living as I do in an often wet, windy and cold climate, this little pot of gorgeousness keeps my lips moisturised for hours. I don’t start the day without it. It has a lovely texture and fragrance and lasts ages too.
  4. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream – I’m a recent convert to Kiehl’s thanks to some lovely vouchers my team at work bought me for Christmas. A little drop applied in the morning sitting at my dressing table goes a long way –  I am finding that my skin feels moisturised well into the evening, without being too heavy. I love it when you take a chance on something new and discover that it works really well !
  5. White Stuff Rest Remedy Indulgence Kit  – a beautifully packaged treat that mum bought me for Christmas, the lavender and mandarin fragrance of the bath oil, soap and candle has a beautiful spa like quality to it.  It makes for a lovely bathing ritual at the end of the day and the socks are soft and cosy – great for people like me who always have cold feet !

Of course, ‘nourish’ means more than a relaxing bath , much more and I’ll be sharing more of how I am putting my chosen word into practice this year. I do find, though, that these simple things are working well for me right now and giving me back a bit of a ‘glow’. I’d love to know what you find works for you so feel free to share.

ps My little stationery giveaway is open until Sunday lunchtime so please feel free to take a look …details are over here

In the meantime, have a lovely weekend folks. It’s Friday !!

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