You are my Sunshine


I love this print. It was a Christmas present from my sister in law and niece – a large brown package that sat enticingly under the Christmas tree until I tore off the packaging on Christmas Day. I love the typography, the simple design and the message it conveys, so much so that it inspired me to inject a little sunshine into my guest bedroom/study.

After some effort, it has gone from being from a long neglected room, a bit of a dumping ground really for paperwork and general ‘stuff’,  into a bigger, brighter space that I feel inspired to work in – a bit of a ‘she-shed’ but indoors.





(the You Are My Sunshine print is from one of my favourite stores Linen and Latte (which I blogged about  here while the vintage writing bureau is from Re:Store, a social economy project of East Belfast Mission who have a number of shops here where you can pick up some great finds)

Just a few things have made all the difference…

  1. A HUGE decluttering exercise – goodness, I had primary school projects, payslips going back years, university assignments   – the lot. All stored away, taking up space and gathering dust. Pretty much all of this has been disposed of now – I’ve just kept a few items.
  2. A good clean
  3. A change of layout – I moved the bed into the alcove so that I could move the writing bureau closer to the window and enjoy the light. A simple change but it has had the added effect of making the room feel twice the size. Plus the room has better defined zones this way. Thank you Apartment Therapy for this stroke of genius.
  4. Storage – I’ve made sure the things I use most often are close to hand. So, for example, my notebooks are easy to reach in the bureau, the printer paper is in the bottom drawer so I can access it when I need to. No more faffing about trying to find the things I need.
  5. Some new accessories – I restricted my purchases to a new bright blue task lamp, a candle and some bright yellow daffodils for some added sunshine (total cost about £32).

It’s now a place I love to use, where I feel inspired,  where I have favourite pieces on display.I feel mentally liberated too from all that clutter.  An added bonus really, as it means I’m better focused on the things I actually want to do.


Vintage perpetual calendar – purchased from Ebay

Sunshine mug is from Next. And the pencils were a purchase from Anthropologie. Only I would go to New York and come back with a set of dog pencils !

Polka dot vase from designer Lisa Stickley

Task lamp from John Lewis

91 Magazine – a favourite read which you can purchase here

Last but by no means least – my vintage typewriter. My hubby bought me this for Christmas and I totally love it. A Kolibri (German made) typewriter from Amsterdam Finds on Etsy

I can see myself spending a lot of time in this room now – writing my blog posts, reading my favourite blogs and generally pottering about doing things I enjoy. Amazing what a little bit of effort can achieve. Thanks to my family for buying me the print in the first place – I really feel there is a bit more sunshine now.


  1. I love the writing bureau. Thank you so much for sharing! I did a post showing my actual living room. I was so nervous for some odd reason. It’s so fun to see your home now too!! I wish more bloggers would share their personal spaces.

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  2. That looks lovely! the Writing Bureau reminds me of an old one my mum used to have, and the typewriter is really stylish!!! It’s true that sometimes a little change can make a space much more attractive and loved. 🙂

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