One of the unexpected benefits of blogging has been discovering that I really enjoy taking photographs. I originally started blogging to capture memories and special moments and have found in the process that capturing those moments in an image is quite enchanting in itself . And, in capturing an image, I have realised just how much beauty there is around me if only I stop to take a look. All in all, it has been quite nice to discover these things about myself – I have never really considered myself to be a creative person, nor did I appreciate how much I enjoy being outdoors (and how good it is for me).

So since my chosen word for 2017 is Nourish, it seems as though spending more time taking photographs and learning more about the subject might be just the ticket for me this year. It’s a great way to get outdoors, visit new places, meet new people and hopefully develop my creative side a bit further. I know nothing about photography, all the photos I take are with my phone, but I do know that I am often happiest at these times. I’m not so much interested in lenses and the technical side etc, but in trying to capture soulful images that say something about the place I am in and the person taking them. How I achieve that I don’t exactly know but I am interested to learn.

It is also amazing what you learn along the way (I am a great believer in learning by doing)…

Looking upwards sometimes gives the best view…


Slowing down to look around also helps…


Don’t be put off by a grey sky…


Be prepared to get a little mucky…


Try to see things from a different angle…


Sometimes, you just get lucky…


I’d love to know what you have discovered through blogging and if you have any tips/advice on photography, please feel free to share.

All images taken by me in and around where I live.

  1. Some great images there.I use a camera by preference, but always carry a cell-phone and use it too. Your shots prove there is no need to be apologetic about cell-phone photography. If you want to make your life more complicated/expand your photographic scope there are all sorts of apps you can get for cell-phones – so what is the definition of a camera nowadays? Des.

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