Restoring calm

When I returned home from hospital in December, I promised myself I would take some time out to revamp our bedroom. Having not slept much in hospital (which I imagine is the case for most people) and having struggled to get a good night’s sleep ever since, I have found that my bedroom was not really helping to calm my frazzled peace of mind. Everywhere I looked I felt agitated – in short, the room  wasn’t the calm and tranquil space I needed it to be.

So I have put some effort into restoring calm to the room …

The old colour scheme (pink and quite busy) has been replaced with a much calmer green and white one. Gone is the busy bedlinen, replaced by a soft seagrass green duvet and cushions. New sleek metal task lights from Habitat replace the floral ones we had previously and I have pared back on the wall art to have more ‘white’ space…




I’ve grouped some favourite pieces together on the chest of drawers – metallic and glass accents which reflect light around the room. All my jewellery is now in one place and having decluttered and given a lot of costume jewellery to the local charity shop, I find I am wearing my ‘best’ pieces more often.

I’ve added more greenery too – some hellebores from the garden and a pretty houseplant which I hope will continue to flower. And I treated myself to a new bedroom rug – a soft seagreen patterned rug made by Weaver Green (all their products are hand woven and made from recycled bottles). You can see the pattern in the centre bottom picture below). Finally, my husband bought me a Diptyque candle for Valentine’s day which I light most evenings..the ‘Rosamundi’ fragrance is sublime.


All in all, the room feels more tranquil now..more restful, easier on the eye and the mind. There is a greater sense of space and airiness when I walk into the room. I’m hoping this will help me unwind more in the evening and help me get the sleep that has so far eluded me !

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