Where did February go ?

Here I am, sitting at the kitchen table, wondering where did February go? It seems to have passed in a flash and I’m wondering what did I do exactly, did anything memorable happen, did I achieve anything, did I move my life forward? Instantly, my first thought was no, I didn’t do very much – it rained a lot and I spent a fair bit of time in bed recovering from surgery.

But then I realised February was actually a very significant month, in many ways, some big and some small…

  1. I returned to work – a big step for me after almost ten weeks of being on sick leave. A sign that I have made great progress in my recovery, that life is returning to a routine, a routine that is very welcome. Because it means that I am pretty much back to my normal self and that feels very good indeed.
  2. We had a lovely city break in Berlin, pictures of which I have started sharing here
  3. I have made good inroads into decluttering our home, simplifying my possessions and getting round to sorting out various jobs round the house – jobs that you say will get done but never quite get round to. And so, we finally got the lights in our bedroom sorted after two years of not working !! I found this fascinating post on the blog The Aesthetics of Joy which inspired me into action. She refers to these things as ‘tolerations’ – and describes how they can be a source of anxiety in the home without you even realising it. It’s worth a read because  less anxiety in the home is a good thing, right?  You can find the blog post here
  4. My hubby bought me a beautiful card, some Charbonnel et Walker chocolates and a Diptyque candle for Valentine’s Day.
  5. Boris had a little, shall I say, ‘operation’ (dog owners will know what I am referring to here). Something I wasn’t quite sure about and he looked so sad afterwards with a huge cone on his head but he returned to his normal mad self the following day. Everything turned out ok in the end and I am relieved it’s over.

Boris with his cone on…


Boris back to normal…(whatever that is, lol)


A Boris and me selfie.. impossible to get a good picture because he never sits still but it was hilarious…


So, as it turns out, February was a pretty good month after all. Yes, it’s still dark and cold and a bit miserable outside but I have so much to be thankful for. And, personally, it feels good to reflect on these moments, to feel gratitude for the positive things in life and to take stock before being swept up in a new month.

A pic of my Valentine’s card – gorgeous ….


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