A day trip in March

Yesterday morning it rained..a lot. And I felt a bit agitated because it was the weekend and I so wanted to get outside. Later that morning, my phone rang – it was mum wanting to know if I fancied a little trip around the coast. I looked out the window again – it did not bode well for the weather but I got ready anyway and we hopped in the car for an early afternoon drive.

About ten minutes later we were on the beautiful coastal route which extends from Belfast right round to the north coast of County Antrim. The rain had eased off and the sun was doing its very best to break through the clouds. A short while later, we arrived in the pretty village of Glenarm (which I have talked about before here) and got out to stretch our legs and breathe in the sea air. There was a touch of spring in the air and it was lovely to see some colourful violas bobbing in the breeze..


Glenarm is home to a beautiful church – St Patrick’s and I always stop to admire the windows each time I visit.


After a dander through the village, we made our way back to the car and as we crossed over the bridge, I stopped to admire the view upriver..probably my favourite spot in the village. As you can see, the sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds and it was feeling a bit on the cold side….


In need of some sustenance at this stage, we drove further round the coast to the village of Carnlough..small in size, but worth stopping at for a walk around the pretty harbour and to get amazing views of the coast. We had lunch in the Londonderry Arms Hotel and feeling warmed up again, out we ventured around the harbour. Thankfully the sun was shining by now and the boats looked so colourful and cheerful with the sun creating lovely reflections on the water…




It really felt like a day in early spring and it was so refreshing just to wander around, take in the views and unwind.  Like many people, I often forget how beautiful this country is – all it takes is a little sunshine to show off its beauty.

By the time I had made my way to the far side of the harbour, the sun was already starting to set behind the hills and I grabbed a few shots before the sun disappeared.Then it was back to the car and the short journey home, feeling tired but happy. A lovely end to our first day trip in March.



  1. Just reading your post makes me feel happy. I love the violas and the boats and the church window. These are all things I would take the time to notice 🙂

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