The waiting game

I am itching to get into the garden – a place I often feel at my happiest.I love nothing more than to throw on some old clothes and  gather up the tools from the garage and then out into the garden I go , Boris following closely at my heels, happy to spend an hour or two among the greenery. It can be hard work – weeding and digging and planting – but the reward is worth the effort, when I see the flowers burst into bloom, usually from May onwards. Then I can sit down on the garden chair with a cup of coffee and enjoy the spectacle.

At the moment, though, it’s all just a bit soggy and I need to be patient and wait for some good dry weather, a bit of heat would be nice too. This year I’d like to dig up the lady mantle which has taken over parts of the garden and replace it with some pretty cottage garden plants (always my favourite). And so while I wait patiently for some good gardening weather to arrive, I have been looking through my growing collection of photographs, seeking inspiration from the beautiful flowers that have caught my eye on travels, day trips and visits to local gardens.

I pretty much love all flowers but I so seem particularly drawn to combinations of blues, lilacs, pinks, purples and whites…

Such as these delicate white poppies nestling amongst purple salvia…(I spotted these at Mountstewart, a beautiful National Trust property here in Northern Ireland). I think the addition of a few white flowering plants in my garden would add a nice contrast.


Purple poppies (also seen at Mountstewart)  always make such a statement – not just when they flower but the seed heads are visually interesting too. I do have a poppy plant in my garden, but it is maybe time to add a few more, as they do seem to thrive in our cooler, damper climate.


I came across this cluster of blue flowers at Ballyrobert Cottage Garden . I’m not sure which plant it is, but I do love the way they have been allowed to spread and create a dazzling display of blue.


Another favourite – clematis. I probably don’t  have the space to grow a trailing clematis but I do love this vibrant blue and I’ll be on the look out for plants of this colour to add some contrast. In my opinion, blue and green should always be seen. In this picture you can see Mounstewart House in the background.


What I dream of… an abundance of bougainvillea trailing over the fence, their fragrance reminding me of holidays to continental Europe. We probably get a little too much rain for them to thrive in my garden but I always have this photograph from our holiday in Menorca last year to look back on…

And not forgetting, in another month or so, it will be time to put out a few hanging baskets. I simply cannot resist pretty pink geraniums and trailing blue lobelia …

Now I just need to sit tight and wait for the spring weather so I can put some ideas into practice. Maybe these pictures will give you some inspiration too – I hope they do !

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