Test shots

So, after some research and perhaps some procrastination on my part, I have finally purchased a new camera. To be honest, it has been quite difficult to choose as the choice is overwhelming, almost bewildering and it is very easy to get lost and confused in all the technical jargon. I decided in the end not to purchase a DSLR camera – I am just a beginner and it is probably a step too far for me at this point.  I got some really helpful advice at my local Currys store and opted in the end for a Canon Powershot sx530 hs – a bridge camera that sits somewhere between a compact digital camera and a DSLR.

And so, a new relationship begins..a relationship that I hope lasts a long time. I have been out and about taking some pictures, getting used to this new thing in my life and adjusting to how different it is from my trusty old smartphone camera. I have SO much to learn and I am impatient…so I need to learn to pace myself and realise that Rome was not built in a day. It is the start of a journey.

After work on Friday, I made my way to Belfast Castle to wander around the garden and grounds, get some fresh air and build up my acquaintance with my new camera. I have blogged about Belfast Castle before (in my post Tulips, turrets and a lucky cat) ..it is a great spot to visit to see Belfast from a different perspective. When I arrived a wedding was in full swing, the hop on hop off bus had just arrived to drop off some tourists, joggers and dog walkers were enjoying some afternoon sunshine and I was happy to mingle among them, my new camera in tow.

It was great to see that spring is in full swing…the gardens filled with colourful primulas, rhododendrons and delicate spring blossom. A great spot to feel inspired and take some of my very first pictures with my new camera.










Looking back at my original blog post, I can see these pictures are an improvement ..the pictures are crisper, there is greater depth of colour and I think my eye for what makes a good picture is a little better.  The next step is to knuckle down and actually gain some proper knowledge (more to follow in coming blog posts !)

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these pictures and I would welcome any feedback you might have. Enjoy the rest of the weekend wherever you are….

  1. Congratulations on taking the plunge. Always frustrating trying to work out what advice to take, but with the decision once made it is over to you to train the camera to do what you want it to do! I once gave a lift to an elderly countrywoman in Ireland in what was a nice new car. Her comment I still remember – “Health to wear, strengh to tear, and the money to buy a new one”. Let that apply to your camera. Des.

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