Boris plays ball

Boris, our beloved basset hound, is going from strength to strength. On a recent visit to the vet for his booster injection, we managed to get him to stand still on the scales long enough to discover he now weighs 26kg !

He is a remarkably active little basset hound and his favourite hobby at the moment is playing football. He is quite the player, waiting to pounce on the ball as I kick it and then running round the garden with ears in full flight, nose glued to the ball, barking all the while. Taking photographs and playing footie with a basset at the same time is a challenge but I managed to capture few…


After a happy half hour of  football action, with lots of laughter along the way, Boris realises he has totally exhausted himself.  Then he stops, panting for breath and looking dog tired, it’s time for a tasty treat and an afternoon nap !


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