April days

Between celebrating my dad’s 74th birthday, our trip to the beautiful Birch Cottage and enjoying cocktails at the fabulous Merchant Hotel with my lovely friend Carly, the month of April has passed so quickly.  Work continues to be very busy and my evenings have been spent taking energetic walks with Boris, learning photography (slowly, it has to be said) and a little reading (my book of the moment being Manhattan 45, a nostalgic look back at the Manhattan of 1945, written by Jan Morris and published by the wonderful Folio Society).

Back to the present day and outside it’s all change. The daffodils have all but faded now, the spring blossom sprinkling to the ground like confetti. Bluebells linger in shaded spots, dandelions are everywhere and pretty cow parsley is popping up along the roadside. It’s amazing how much you can notice if you just stop for a moment to look and I love to capture these little details when I’m out and about.

Here are a few of the things that have caught my eye this month.


cow parsley2
cow parsley


Hope you are having a lovely Sunday and here’s to a wonderful May !

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