Somewhere along the way this month, I forgot to look after myself. We all do. I chose to ignore the little signals that tell me I am stressed – drinking too much coffee, little to no sleep, one sugary treat too many. By the time Friday arrived, I was feeling a bit frazzled and out of sorts,  So this weekend it was time to slow down, decompress, regain some energy and much needed perspective.  A quiet weekend was on the cards.

And so my weekend has consisted of doing not very much at all,  abandoning the idea of getting the housework done and just taking time out to enjoy the little things that will make me feel human again.

Saturday consisted of..

A long lie in and breakfast in bed (poached egg and crispy bacon on sourdough, cooked to perfection by hubby.) How lucky am I ?

Cuddles with Boris

Reading a new book The Other Mrs Walker.  It seems to get mixed reviews online and I am just a few chapters in, but finding it quite an intriguing read so far.

A short walk for some fresh air, gathering up some frothy cow parsley to bring home. I so love this flower.


Getting a little camera practice in. I recently signed up to A Year with my Camera by Emma Davies and am finally gaining some confidence and learning how to use my camera’s manual controls.  For any beginners out there like myself, I highly recommend it as the course is very well structured, taking things right back to basics you can understand  and you can learn at your own pace.




Today I’ve woken up to a sunny Sunday morning. I’m looking forward to pottering around in the garden for a while and enjoying the beautiful flowers that have come to life in the warm weather.



I’ll be checking up too on the sweet pea and geraniums I planted out a while ago.  I’m just hoping they make it as Boris has had his eye on them !

boris geraniums

So, all in all a quiet weekend for me. Hope you are enjoying your weekend too !




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