Pots of Gold

Pots of Gold, a.k.a Boris.. that’s his posh pedigree name in case you didn’t know. Blevils Pots of Gold to be exact. The perfect name really for our boy with a golden coat.  As always, prone to fits of basset hound madness one moment, ready to snooze on the sofa the next. Defiant, cheeky, stubborn, adorable and huggable, all in equal measure.

Bo enjoys a good walk, particularly on grass. His particular party piece these days is to dive bomb onto the grass, flip on to his back and bark to his heart’s content while he wiggles his legs in the air. Cars slow down as they drive by to witness this spectacle while I watch on helplessly, laughing to myself. It is hard not to be caught up in Boris’s sheer unadulterated joy….sometimes I think I could join in, but perhaps that would be a step to far !!!

By the time we reach the field at the end of our walk, we are both tired but exhilarated. Time for a breather first, before the walk back up the steep hill to our home.  Boris sits for a moment and there is just enough time to capture his quieter self…resting in a field of gold.

#agirlsbestfriend 🙂

20170811_154639 gold2

20170811_154931 gold3

20170811_154622 gold5

20170811_154938 gold4

20170811_154735 gold1


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