A is for Autumn

Autumn is well and truly here. And like many people, it’s my favourite time of year. Maybe it’s the little rituals I enjoy the most, like…

Walking in the crisp morning air

Popping on a woolly hat

Sweeping up piles of golden leaves strewn on the lawn, only to find a fresh pile has descended the following day

Filling hanging baskets with pansies for a spot of colour…

Sowing seeds in the hope they flower next year




before retreating to the cosy indoors to enjoy

A hot cup of tea

And tea lights to dot around the fireplace

A slow cooked dinner

The warmth of a fire

And snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket and the dog for company πŸ™‚



Have a lovely week, everyone.







  1. Yes, I’m a big fan of autumn too… And your post captures the mood of the season perfectly! I’ve been enjoying the colours these last few weeks, and it’s been nice to start cooking my favourite soups, stews and pies again. Are the flowers you photographed from your own garden?

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