November walks

Boris and I have been out enjoying some lovely walks these past few days. Bo has always loved a good walk and likes to break out into a little gallop , running through the grass and piles of crunchy leaves, me running along side..our puffs of breath disappearing into the air as we go. There is still plenty of autumn colour, although the trees are starting to look a little bare around the edges now.



We’ve changed our route of late, making our way down the road to meet the new neighbour who has taken up residence in a small field not too far away. He seems a friendly horse, although I think Boris is a little wary of him.


We make our return journey home as the light starts to fade behind the trees, lighting up the last of the autumn leaves.




We reach home,Β  tired and perhaps a little out of breath and there’s just time for a quick look around the garden, before heading indoors to the warmth and a cup of tea. Everything is pretty much dormant now, but there are still some lovely pops of colour on these darker November days.

Have a lovely Sunday πŸ™‚



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