nature flatlay

Nature table

It is officially still Autumn. I woke up yesterday to a dusting of snow and to me it felt like winter. Out in the garden some of my spring flowers are still in bloom and last week it was mild enough to feel like an Irish summer ….

No matter what the weather, I’ve been collecting flowers and seed heads for my flower arranging class that I go to on a Wednesday evening.Β  I am finding my current assignment a little ‘challenging’, but I always love the foraging and ‘faffing with flowers’ – it definitely makes me happier.

nature table 1

nature table 6

nature table 3

nature table 2

nature table 5

As I gathered up some of my floral finds, it reminded me of the nature table we used to have at primary school. Does anyone remember those ?Β  It was a table at the side of the room where we could bring in leaves, twigs, pebbles, pine cones and the like to help us learn more about nature and the seasons. Such a lovely idea..I wonder if that happens in schools nowadays ? Funny how many years later, my ‘faffing around with flowers ‘ on a Sunday morning triggered a long forgotten but happy memory…

nature table 4

Have a lovely Sunday πŸ™‚

  1. Beautiful images. I love the bleached-out yet still vibrant effect. And the macro in focus/out of focus thing: really gorgeous, you have a good eye. I feel inspired to gather up some autumnal/wintry bits and pieces and lay them out on the wooden table in my garden. Except that I’m in work and anyway my part of town only has dog sh*t and old carrier bags for foraging…. ah to not live in inner city Dublin!

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  2. Thank you. I have so much to learn about photography, it’s unreal. Yes, inner city Dublin is probably not the easiest hunting ground for this sort of thing, but your comment made me laugh πŸ™‚


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