Birthday boy

Our boy Boris is 2 years old this weekend…

And yesterday, as we woke to a misty, murky morning and made breakfast, his birthday treats began with cuddles, tummy rubs and…sausages ! Later on, we ventured out for a walk along the beach, Boris as inquisitive as ever and eager to make friends with whoever happens to pass his way. One lady stopped to pat his head..she hadn’t seen a basset hound since her childhood. But it’s the same wherever he goes..people stop to say hello and even exchange kisses…




On we went along the beach and then back through a small wood, dark clouds starting to roll in from the west. Boris is pretty well behaved, although we detect that renowned basset hound stubborness is starting to show, as he sat down the odd time determined to go his own way ! Then it was back to the car for the short journey home, and before too long, he was curled up in his bed tired from his escapades along the beach.



Have a lovely Sunday everyone and Happy Birthday Boris xx



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