Feeling festive

Can I let you into a little secret? …I am not a huge fan of Christmas. I’m not entirely sure why, to be honest. And so, when we discovered earlier this week that our heating had stopped working at the coldest time of the year, the little festive cheer I had evaporated rather quickly. Thankfully, the water leak that was causing the pressure to drop has since been located and the plumbing fixed, notwithstanding of course that the floorboards in our hallway had to be ripped up to locate the pesky leak !

By the weekend I was feeling a bit frazzled and my mum decided to treat me to a lovely festive lunch at one of my favourite places in town. With the Christmas lights twinkling and the Chrismas music playing in the background, I could feel some festive cheer being restored and to return to a lovely, warm home rounded off the afternoon quite nicely.  I’ve realised how lucky I am to have a roof over my head and a comfy bed to sleep in, when less fortunate souls are sleeping outside in freezing temperatures.

I spent the rest of Saturday evening writing my Christmas cards (which I bought from the lovely Arbee Cards ) and admiring the tree we decorated last week. My husband had to carry it through the snow from the grocer’s up the road because we couldn’t get the car out of the driveway (thank you, hubby!). Decorating the tree is probably my favourite Christmas ritual. I love opening the box of decorations that we have gathered over the years and discovering old favourites, especially the handmade ones my mum brought me back from a trip to Sorrento some years ago.



This week I also received a lovely parcel in the post..a little online purchase I had treated myself to. At this time of year, I already tend to start focusing on the new year ahead  and everything I would hope to do, and so I bought a calendar from the talented photographer Eva Nemeth. I came across her work on Instagram and find her photography really inspiring. There is a beautiful, undefinable quality to her work that I really love. I would only hope to achieve the same standard one day.



I am off shortly to post my Christmas cards and start wrapping some presents. As it’s a bit drizzly and grey outside this morning, it sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon and enjoy some festive cheer indoors.

Have a lovely Sunday x

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