winter scene at Rowallane Gardens

A hazy shade of winter

In that lazy, hazy period between Christmas and New Year, me, hubby and Boris bundled into the car and took a drive to Rowallane Gardens, a National Trust property in Saintfield a few miles outside of Belfast. Having been ‘cooped up’ in the house for a few days, we were in need of some fresh air and daylight. I was eager too to see what the garden looked like in winter, our last visit having been the previous spring when Boris was just a pup.

When we arrived, it was deserted, and, to my delight,  covered in a light dusting of snow. With the late morning sun rising in the distance, it made for quite a pretty picture as we wandered around the walled garden.

winter scene at Rowallane Gardens

winter scene at Rowallane Gardens

hydrangeas in winter

winter scene at Rowallane Gardens

The trees were bare, the air cold and crisp, everything lay mostly dormant except for these beautiful hellebores…nestled in the snow, the delicate petals a vibrant pop of pink against the white backdrop.

hellebore in winter

As we stood there admiring the flowers, a little robin dropped by to say hello. Surprisingly tame, it was completely at ease with our presence (and Boris) and lingered long enough for a pose.

robin in winter

We continued our walk beyond the walled garden to where Rowallane borders with neighbouring fields, giving us beautiful views in the hazy winter sunshine.

winter scene at Rowallane Gardens

Then, as we were starting to feel a tad cold by this stage, we made our way back and rounded off our visit with cups of hot chocolate and coffee in the lovely National Trust café. The staff in the cafe were kind enough to let Boris come inside out of the cold too and he sat patiently with us (to our relief and amazement) while we warmed up.

It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning and appreciate the beauty of winter at this time of year.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and just want to wish you all a Happy New Year. Did you anything nice over the Christmas break? Feel free to share in the comments below.

For more information on Rowallane, please visit the National Trust website.


  1. What a beautiful day filled with inspiring images. Love the pic of the lovely hellebore flower. Something magical about it. Until just recently, I learned (through our mutual friend Darren) that it was possible to grow things in winter. Your photo is another proof to that effect. Nice post, Jane.

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