Romeo, Romeo

About this time two years ago, we ventured down the motorway to ‘just look at’ some basset hound puppies that were for sale. I say ‘look at’ but really we already knew it was highly likely that we would end up bringing one back home with us. Our previous basset hound Oscar had passed away just a few months earlier and truth be told,  had left a massive gap in our lives, and mine in particular.

I was in two minds about whether another basset hound would be the same, if I could love another dog as much as I had Oscar. The thing is…they are quite a difficult breed to come by and if we didn’t seize this chance, we could be waiting a long time for another one to come along.

When we arrived, we were shown into a large living room and before too long, I could hear the pitter patter of basset hound pups running down the hallway. The living room door opened and in bounded two gorgeous pups – one gold and white, one black, tan and white.  I sat down on the floor while they whizzed around me and after a time, without any prompting, the gold and white pup sat down on my lap and looked angelically up at me as if to say, hello, I’m yours, can I go home with you now ?


I was smitten there and then and this little pup was soon in the car with us to his new home. As it was around Valentine’s Day, I so wanted to call him Romeo.  My husband was very quick to highlight how ridiculous it would sound calling out ‘Romeo, Romeo’ when trying to recall this  little basset hound and so I had to reluctantly abandon that idea. Of course, you now know this ‘little’ basset hound to be the mighty Boris !


Last week, in the local news, there was an horrific case of animal cruelty involving a 12 week old pup. I will spare you the details but I was in tears, as were many others. When I got home that night, I gave Boris an extra hug.  He is loved so much by me and my family that it’s hard to comprehend how anyone could be so cruel. So, today on Valentine’s Day, our little ‘Romeo’, our faithful furry friend, will be getting an extra treat too, a bit of steak perhaps, when we sit down for dinner later.

He sends his love and wishes you all a good day !


  1. What a lovely story about Boris. Such a handsome boy. We actually met a Bassett Hound on Monday when walking Hugo . His name was Dale and he was a rescue. Him and Hugo had quite a run around and Hugo even encouraged him into the river for a paddle. 😗

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