cottage at Port Salon

Port Salon

On the Sunday of our  little trip Into the West, we decided to head further north along the Fanad peninsula in Donegal to Port Salon. Being a traveller of an incidental nature, I hadn’t really looked at the route. After checking out of our hotel, we just got into our car and followed the road signs. It was only when we started to notice that the coastal road was winding further and further up the side of Knockalla mountain, that we realised it was rather precarious in some places as we looked down at the steep drop to the sea on one side! Working on the basis that what goes up must come down, we carried on (we had no choice in any case) and soon the road started to descend, rewarding us with the most beautiful views of Port Salon beach.

Port Salon beach

Port Salon Beach

Once voted the second most beautiful beach in the word by The Observer newspaper, it is a long and broad stretch of golden sand with panoramic views to the sea beyond. It was just after 11am when we got there, to find that we had the beach all to ourselves. With the bracing wind in our faces, we walked along just trying to take it all in. To be honest, we felt rather lucky to be there. It felt like we had reached the edge of the world.

Port Salon
However, as we turned round to walk back to the car a while later, it was the view then that truly captivated me.  This was the Donegal I had envisioned in my mind…mist rolling in over the hills, rain sweeping across the mossy green fields, a landscape raw and beautiful, enchanting and unforgiving in equal measure. It didn’t matter about the rain, I just wanted to capture the scene and remember the moment.

cottage at Port Salon

Port Salon landscape

Port Salon views

Port Salon cottage

We returned to our car, wet and windswept, but so thankful that we had made the effort to visit this beautiful place.  And although we are home now, I think I left a little bit of my heart there and I can’t wait to return.

”I stopped on a lonely bog road one winter’s afternoon to ask the way of a man who was stacking turf at the road’s edge. ‘Where will this road take me ?’ I asked.  ‘This road’ he said, will take you wherever you want to go.   Mike Harding, Footloose in the West of Ireland.

Have a lovely Wednesday and stay safe in the snow !


  1. Very nice pictures of a great piece of scenery – and seen at its best in rain and mist!Portsalon beach was one of our frequently visited “happy hunting grounds” in Donegal. At one end (now probably vanished into the sand) were the remains of a four-engined bomber which did a forced landing there during the war. At the other end was the famed Edwardian Portsalon Hotel.=- a place full of atmosphere. Is it still there? Des.

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  2. Thanks for your reply. In that case were lucky to see it on our last visit in 1990. My earliest memories of the hotel go back to visits there in the 1950’s with the North West Mountaineering Club (NWMC). The owner, Mr. Barton I think was his name, was a formidable man (postmaster and harbourmaster as well) who set his own standards but did not object to our draping our wet gear over the large fireguards as we waited for dinner at the end of an outing. There was a bookcase in the lounge, the most recent item being an “Army and Navy Stores” catalogue of 1910. It was all too quaint to survive into the present century Des.

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