tea and flowers


‘Overwinter’ – to spend the winter in a particular place, to keep plants or animals in a particular place during the winter. The perfect word really to describe my weekend…spending winter in one place, at home, plants brought indoors and our furry friend Boris snug on the sofa, while we all quietly bide time waiting for the snow and that bitterly cold wind from the east to pass.

And whilst it would be lovely to be outdoors, somehow this enforced retreat indoors has a charm all of its own. A chance to slow down for a bit, potter about  and enjoy the warmth of home…a cosy blanket, endless cups of tea, a travel guide to read and pretty flowers for some much needed spring colour.

tea and flowers

As I may have mentioned before, I love a good cup of tea. Especially on cold days like these, it warms the body and restores the spirits.  I bought some Spicy Earl Grey tea by Freebird a while back and even opening the little black tin to smell the tea leaves inside is a treat – it smells divine !

tea and flowers

We booked our summer holiday a week or so ago. I think at this time of year it’s always good to have a holiday to look forward to. After much deliberation, we  are off to Copenhagen in July and I am beyond excited ! It’s a place I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time.  I treated myself to the Cereal Copenhagen city guide from The Future Kept …just looking at the first few pages of beautiful photography, I know my camera will be in overdrive when I get there.

Cereal Guide to Copenhagen

With the extreme weather we have had these past few days, many of my potted plants outdoors have really suffered. In anticipation of spring (how wrong was I?), I had bought some primula which had been quite happily sitting at the front door until last week. They are taking refuge in the garage now, but I am looking forward to the temperature warming up soon, heck, I am even looking forward to the rain at this rate, just to return these little beauties outdoors, in the hope that maybe, just maybe, winter will be over soon.

primula petals

How have you been coping with the snow where you are ? Feel free to comment and share what you’ve been up to.

And in the meantime, enjoy your Sunday wherever you are.

p.s The blanket you see in these pictures is also from The Future Kept. Well worth a visit if you have a moment. The blanket is 100% recycled wool and super cosy.

  1. I would love to visit Copenhagen. The colourful houses, the little mermaid statue. I have just watched a film actually called Copenhagen and set in Copenhagen. Found it on Netflix. X

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    1. Happy days..going to check out Netflix later then as there is nothing else for it today but to snuggle up on the sofa after Sunday lunch. Thanks for the tip 🙂


    2. Its quite a strange little film with a semi disturbing storyline, but I guess its a story about friendship, coming of age and becoming a better person…I think.

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  2. Oooh, that blanket is lovely! Perfect for keeping cosy while the snow falls outside! I also love the sound of that tea… Is it a local brand? And I think you’ll have a great time in Copenhagen – I was there last spring and it’s an incredibly beautiful, lively city. 😀

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