crocus flowers

Glimpses of spring

During my working week, it is usually still dark by the time I get home. So when Fridays come round and I finish in the early afternoon, it’s a chance to get out into the daylight and fresh air . Winter seems to have been around longer than usual this year so Friday afternoon is a chance to get out and savour any glimpses of spring , fleeting as they may be.

Last Friday afternoon, Boris and I went out for a long walk.  Once we were off the main path and onto the grass, he galloped along like a little racehorse, nose in the air, barking as he went with the sheer joy of it.  When we reached our destination, the farmer’s field at the end of the road, it was time for a breather.  We haven’t been to this field for four or five months. During winter it’s simply too wet and soggy. So while I stopped and looked around, it was clear that things have changed…the sky was blue, we could feel a hint of sunshine on our faces and the field itself is slowly changing colour.

Basset Hound

Basset Hound

The next day I went to a favourite haunt of mine, Ballyrobert Cottage Garden for a walk around. I like to visit at different times of the year just to see how the garden changes through the seasons.  Not surprisingly, I was the only visitor. The full glory of the garden is still some months off yet and the owner was telling me that the recent snow fall and freezing cold temperatures had really taken their toll on the garden. Usually, there is frogspawn in the lake by mid March and so far it has yet to make an appearance. I continued on my walk and before too long, I found what I hoped I might find…hardy hellebores in a range of pretty colours. I love these flowers. They seem to make it through the toughest of weather and this year they have been tested to the full. Such a welcome sight in what seems to have been a very long winter !

hellebore flowers

yellow hellebores

hellebore flowers in wood

As  I walked back to the car, I spotted these little beauties lit up the afternoon sunshine. They seemed to sum up everything that spring is about and although it is elusive still, it will be all the sweeter when it finally springs forth.

crocus flowers

Happy Wednesday folks. I hope these pictures bring a touch of spring to your day !

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