camellia flowers

Spring unfolds

Unusually for me this year, I had a whole week off at Easter. It’s been lovely  – catching up on sleep,  Easter Sunday lunch with family,  a touch of spring cleaning and some sweet treats for good measure ! The weather has been far from kind, but in between the April showers, I’ve been out and about on little day trips here and there

What’s clear is that Spring is settling in quite  nicely now – there are flowers and green shoots appearing everywhere, the days are lengthening, the birds singing into early evening, the April light streaming in through the kitchen window.  I had my first sighting of spring blossom too. So it’s been great to get back out with the camera and capture a few scenes as spring unfolds.  As my father in law would say, ‘Happy Days’.

camellia flowers

spring blossom

spring blossom

boat by the river

flowers on kitchen table

camellia flowers in spring

evening birdsong

Hope you had a lovely time over Easter. I, for one,  am so much looking forward to getting back into the garden again,  planting and sowing and watching everything start to bloom. I’m sure lots of us feel the same way.

Have a lovely Sunday.

  1. Lovely photos! I took two weeks off work before Easter and spent the last week catching up! Roll on retirement 🙂 It is cooler here now but we still need rain – everything is so dry!

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