My magnolia moment

On Sunday we drove into Belfast to watch a movie at Queen’s Film Theatre. It’s located in University Square, a pretty row of academic houses adjacent to Queen’s University itself.  The university quarter is one of the more photogenic parts of town, and being popular with students and tourists, it can be a challenge to park here. Thankfully, with Sunday being a little quieter, we were able to park in University Square itself and as I got out of the car and turned round, I had my ‘magnolia moment’. For in front of me stood a magnolia tree in all it’s glory. Surely one of the prettiest sights of spring… it’s beautiful blooms lit up by the morning sun, adding a touch of spring glamour to the whole street. I was totally captivated    #magnoliaenvy

magnolia tree
magnolia tree
magnolia tree
magnolia tree
magnolia tree
magnolia tree;
magnolia tree 8

Did you know? – Magnolias are one of the first flowering trees: they evolved before bees and were pollinated by beetles ! (source – Life in a Cottage Garden by Carol Klein).

I hope you enjoyed this ‘magnolia moment’ too. Have a good Thursday 🙂


  1. What a stunning tree!!♥ I would love to have a tree like that in my front garden… it’s like a dream! Love the colour of the front door too… compliments the tree blossom! So many blue doors in the street! Looks like a lovely place to live. Your photography is excellent too! 🙂

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  2. My memories of Queen’s some 70 years ago include at least one magnolia tree in University Square. Could it possibly be the same one? Lovely set of prints. Des.

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