saxifraga plant

Spring delights

The weekend has delighted us with hours of lovely May sunshine and time to potter about our little plot. These past few weeks I’ve made several trips to the local garden centres, picking up some alpines and cottage garden plants to add to the borders, after the harsh winter took it’s toll on some longstanding favourites.  I’ve been sowing seeds too, our kitchen window temporarily turned into a mini greenhouse, waiting for tiny shoots to emerge through the soil.  After the slower months of winter, everything seems to happen so quickly now, doesn’t it ?

I must admit I love alpine plants – the flowers are so pretty and delicate and they seem to grow so easily, with hardly any help from me at all !

saxifraga plant

saxifraga plant

Thankfully, our cherry blossom tree , which was planted about 10 years ago,  survived the long winter and has rewarded us this past week with a profusion of delicate pink flowers.  When I drive round the corner to our house and see the frothy, pink boughs swaying in the breeze, I sometimes have to pinch myself that it’s actually in our garden !

cherry blossom

Elsewhere, the fields and hedges are green and full of life and as I write this, I can hear the sound of lawnmowers as people make the most of the good weather. It’s often said in these parts that May is our best month for sunny weather  and I’m inclined to agree.

Time now for coffee and another potter round the garden.  I’m on the look out too for some summer plants which will flower through to early if you have any tips or recommendations, feel free to share.

Have a lovely Sunday …

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