Blooming June

After the strong winds of  the past few days (thank you Hector), I’ve been back out again in the garden, sweeping up the debris and surveying the damage. To my surprise, though,  everything looks ok – a bit battered around the edges perhaps but not as bad as I was expecting. The good old Irish weather can always be relied upon to  be unreliable and just at the point where we and the flowers were settling in nicely to warm weather, it changed course just to remind us it’s still in charge !

But, with the winds now calm and a good drop of rain discharged, the flowers are bouncing back. This little beauty, in particular, took a real battering as it towers high over the side of our decking and is exposed the most to the wind.  And yet, yesterday, there it was swaying effortlessly in the afternoon breeze,  the flowers reaching up to the blue sky overhead.

flowers in June

In the border, this scabiosa just keeps blooming, undeterred by whatever the weather throws at it.  This is a new addition to the garden, and I really love the flashes of lilac. Bees and butterflies seem to love it too.


Even the more delicate flowers held on to last a while longer…

Granny's bonnetgeum

And as I pottered about at the back of the border trying to find space for a few more plants, I couldn’t help but notice how the late afternoon sunshine lit up the petals of the scabiosa.  And on that note, satisfied that all was ok and  happy to have caught this little moment, I returned indoors, as always amazed at how resilient nature can be.

Have a lovely Sunday.


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