Cafe Parisien

Café Parisien

Café Parisien was, as its name suggests, a Parisian style café on the Titanic. Designed as a replica to the cafés which you find through the streets and boulevards of Paris,  it was popular among the younger  passengers. Adjacent to the restaurant, it was a place where people could meet for drinks and it was the first of its kind on any British passenger liner.

Fast forward many years, and a new Café Parisien can now be found in Belfast. Inspired by it’s Titanic namesake, it offers French cuisine in beautiful surroundings. Perfectly located in the centre of town and set over two floors ( a ground floor for coffee and croissants and a second floor as the main restaurant), it’s a gorgeous venue for lunch with friends and family. I’ve been a few times and, needless to say, I love it.  The food, the décor, the ambiance and the busy hubbub of a very popular spot for locals all add to the experience. And as you sit enjoying your meal, you can look out through the windows to enjoy glimpses of the city’s architecture, the focal point being the City Hall directly opposite, and of the people of the city going about their business on the streets below.

Cafe Parisien

Cafe Parisien

Cafe Parisien

Cafe Parisien

Cafe Parisien

Cafe Parisien

On our last visit,  mum and I both enjoyed our main course. And being partial to a desert or two, mum opted for crepes suzette while I chose crème brulee. Perhaps the highlight, though, was a glass of Cremant*,  a sparkling French wine, served in the most beautiful glass. As it was delivered to our table, there was a collective intake of breath from the ladies around us and then a quick search through the drinks menu to order it !

Cafe Parisien

Cremant, as I understand it, is made in a similar way to champagne but not necessarily produced in the Champagne region. To my mind, it’s much nicer and less bubbly than prosecco, and much better value than champagne itself. 

If you do happen to find yourself in the city, on a day trip, a short break or for a longer holiday, I would recommend Café Parisien as a lovely spot for lunch or dinner.  From there, you can walk straight across the street to explore the City Hall, or turn right to visit the Linen Hall Library or turn left to indulge in some retail therapy at Victoria Square

I would recommend booking, though, as it always seems very busy which is a good sign, I guess.  You can book online at

A bientot x

Cafe Parisien 15

Cafe Parisien


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