5 little things

1.It’s not even 10am here this Sunday morning, and already the sun is high in the sky. Boris is happily lounging in his sunny spot and it promises to be the most beautiful day. In fact, the week ahead looks full of gloriously sunny days.

2. A photograph of mine from an old blog post was used in a brochure for a new hotel, The Grand Central, that has opened this week in Belfast.  Called ‘An Ode to Belfast’, it’s a beautiful brochure about the history and heritage of Belfast and I’m totally delighted that  a photograph of mine is in it. I popped by the hotel yesterday and they gave me one of the brochures to keep.  There is even an acknowledgement with my name beside the photograph !! The hotel looks amazing, by the way.

3. I had a lovely afternoon last Saturday taking a drive along our beautiful Causeway coast with mum and dad.  My parents are both in their 70s now but are still very active and love nothing more than with a day out that ends in somewhere nice for lunch ! Admittedly, it got off to a slightly scary start as we got caught in a thunderstorm that brought down rain like you wouldn’t believe but thankfully by the time we reached our destination, the village of Glenarm, the clouds had dissipated and the sun had returned. I’ve blogged about Glenarm before – it’s a very picturesque village to wander around,  with a lovely old church, and blooms that greet you as you enter the town (part of RHS Britain in Bloom).  It’s home also to the stunning Glenarm Castle Walled Garden.

Glenarm Church

Glenarm Church

4. I’m counting down the days to our trip to Copenhagen, reading through other blogs for interesting places to visit,  lovely shops to check out and good places to eat, so if you any have tips for me , please feel free to share. I am beyond excited. I visited Malmo about 10 years ago, but it was with work, and I was on my own, so this promises to be something much better. And I get to cross over the Oresund bridge again ( I’m a huge fan of The Bridge too – and it’s reaching it’s last ever episode…what am I going to watch now ?).

5. Finally, I picked up a bunch of peonies at Lidl the other day. At just £3.99, the tightly packed buds have slowly opened over the last few days to reveal the most beautiful, blousy blooms. I love them. I might just have to go back and buy some more 🙂



Have a lovely Sunday, folks, and enjoy the sunshine 🙂


  1. Thats definitely a bargain of peonies. 🙂
    I too am watching The Bridge. Though I am a newbie and have just started watching it from the present ( and last ) season. At least I can start from the beginning after it finishes! X

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  2. Lovely photos, and congratulations on being included in the brochure! Why not look in at Copenhagen Botanical Gardens? It must look wonderful at this time of year. When I was there in early April there was still snow on the ground and it was a freezing cold day. In Malmo, I’d suggest a walk along the headland to get a better look at ‘The Bridge’ as it’s quite lovely there. Yes…all good things come to an end, they say, and I think it’s right to say a forever goodbye to the amazing Saga Norén. I’ve enjoyed this much anticipated series, but it has, for me, been too much about the characters and less about the crimes. I only really got into it in episode 6, and friends have said the same. Fabulous to see Saga ignoring the rules, though. Henrietta is a great character but it wasn’t the same after Martin’s departure.

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    1. Oh, thanks for the travel tips. The Botanical Gardens sould like a must. And yes, definitely I want to get some views of the Bridge. Agree, it hasn’t had quite the same chemistry since Martin left but I will miss Saga. We should all be more Saga 🙂

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  3. Yay! Congratulations on getting one of your photos published – that’s brilliant! Love the pictures of Glenarm as well. And if you’re looking for Copenhagen recommendations, I’d suggest a trip to Street Food Copenhagen for nibbles… Ideally on a weekday before 5pm, because it gets buuuuusyyyyyy! I also had a lovely breakfast in the Laundromat Café on Elmegade, which puts you quite close to one of city’s main cemeteries… Although maybe I’m the only person who enjoys a trip around the graveyard on holiday 😂 Have a great time!

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