hardy geranium

A dry July

Normally, in July, at the height of summer, we can expect some decent downpours here. Just as the schools finish and the holiday season gets underway,  the rain usually pops by to say hello just when we want it the least.

Not so this July. The heatwave, which started some time way back when I can’t remember, is still going strong. And the rain, which usually leaves the garden looking soggy and flat,  is no where to be seen !

Having made a conscious effort to try and prolong the colour in the garden by adding in some new plants, everything is coming along quite nicely. And it really is one of  life’s simple pleasures just to come home after work to a tiny patch of floral loveliness and sit down with a cup of tea amongst the flowers. This particular patch is located at the front of my house, and it’s by no means perfect, but it is slowly getting there. I’ve added in some white and pink diascias and another vibrant purple hardy geranium and any minute now, the sweet peas I grew from seed should finally flower.  Gardening is a lesson in patience, after all. And to my relief, our mallow plant has survived the battering it took when the ‘Beast from the East’ swept by and has grown back as resilient as ever,  much to the delight of the bees !

I also grew some cosmos from seed and am looking forward to them flowering over the coming weeks.  But, for now, the sun is working it’s magic and unbelievably, we are settling (or should that be, adjusting ?)  into this new routine of sunshine and heat, a strange phenomenon indeed in this neck of the woods. Dare I say it, as much as the sun is welcome, we could probably do with a little rain !

Have a lovely Tuesday x





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