Wildflower wilderness

Close to where I live, there is an area of wasteland that marks the entrance to a housing estate. For most of the year, it’s just two fields of grass, with a few trees here and there.  Cars drive by continually on the adjacent busy road and no one pays any attention to the fields that lie behind the hedgerow.

Then, towards the end of June, you catch glimpses of large swathes of deep pink flowers that have emerged from the undergrowth.  A few years ago, I’m sure these didn’t exist, or perhaps they did, and I just never noticed them. Perhaps, over time, these clusters of pink have been spreading, nature allowed to do it’s own thing, not stopped in its path by the need to build more houses or widen the existing road.

Intrigued, I went to take a closer look. When I reached the fields, I found the flowers in the centre, almost out of reach. The path to them was soggy underfoot, uneven, thick with long grass, and with brambles and nettles running rampant.



I carried on anyway until I reached the centre. And there I found  huge clusters of tall pink wildflowers swaying in the evening breeze, all sorts of insects flying about the place, the grass a golden green.  Thankfully, the evening sun was just starting to emerge from the clouds and as it sank behind the trees, it lit up the scene in front of me…






And although I stood there with my feet squelching and with a few nettle stings to boot, I was really glad I’d made the effort to take a closer look, to discover this lovely patch of wildflower wilderness so close to home. I hope it remains so.

Happy August folks x, have a good one.

ps if you know what this flower, please let me know !



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