August snapshots

It has felt like summer has eluded us for the last month or so. It’s hard to believe there was a hosepipe ban here just a short time ago, when August has brought so much unrelenting rain. It has been warm, though, and in between the showers, there have been glimpses of an August summer.

As always,  I take my camera pretty much everywhere, trying to get in a little practice,  aiming to capture those little moments and record them before they disappear.

Boris , photogenic as always, is well used to the camera now !

basset hound

Scenes from a wander round the beautiful garden of Hillsborough Castle as a birthday treat. (Hillsborough Castle is the official residence here for the Royal Family).

Hillsborough Castle

Hillsborough Castle

Hillsborough Castle

Pretty jam jar flowers picked from the garden.

flowers from the garden

Bees and butterflies, busy in rare, early morning sunshine.



Swirls of pink.

pink cosmos

A woodland walk.

woodland walk

A feeling that autumn is just round the corner.

autumn is coming

Have a lovely Sunday x



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