flatlay flowers

A little giveaway

It feels of late like we are in those in between days. Summer is ending and autumn is yet to get underway.  We’ve seen a late flurry of sunshine here and it’s given some flowers a final flourish. Others, though, have already gone over, their seed heads turning mellow and golden.

autumn colours

Children are already starting to go back to school, or as the French call it, la rentrée‘. We don’t celebrate ‘the start of the school year’ as much as the French do, maybe we should. It’s not just about children going back to school, it’s about things returning to a sense of order after the long summer break, about established routines, and anticipating all the lovely events that come during the autumn months. To me, long after my university years have ended, I always associate this time of year as a time for new beginnings, a fresh start, a clean page, a time to set new goals. I’ve lots of ideas in my head,  things I would like to achieve, places I’d like to visit, books I’d like to read. So I like to sit down with a cup of tea and jot down some ideas and plans for the direction I want to go in.

It’s a much more appealing time to do some goal setting than the cold wintry month of January. I wonder if anyone else feels the same ?

So, with that in  mind, I’m doing a little giveaway.

Up for grabs:-

a lovely journal notebook to scribble down notes, thoughts and goals

a set of 4 greeting cards (featuring scenes of an Irish autumn, taken by my good self)

a bar of Green and Black ‘s chocolate ( because tea and chocolate are clearly needed for goal setting !!)

and a beautifully packaged bar of Italian lavender and tangerine soap.

All you have to do is like this post and I will choose a winner at random which I’ll share on next Sunday’s blog post. So you have until then !

In the meantime, have a lovely Sunday x

ps this giveaway is not sponsored by anyone, it’s just a little gift, a little thank you from me 🙂

flatlay flowers


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