The great indoors

With the rain falling incessantly since the early morning hours, I’ve retreated indoors this weekend, catching up on chores while the weather does its thing outside.  I do like these sort of slower days, taking things easy, pottering about, sheltering from the elements.

I’ve been ticking off a few things too on my autumn ‘to do’ list … a mixture of seasonal tasks and creative pleasures.

To do List

  • Swap lightweight summer duvet for cosy winter one.  Done 
  • Pack away summer clothes and get autumn wardrobe ready. In progress
  • Arrange for chimney to be swept.  Done
  • Stock up on scented candles. Well, can you ever have enough ?
  • Tidy up garden and plant some bulbs. Not even started !
  • Store away garden furniture. Done – it gets windy up here early in autumn 
  • Collect stuff for decorating pumpkins.  In progress
  • Plan an autumn weekend break. Sorted and I can’t wait 🙂
  • Work on creating a 2019 floral calendar. In progress – more work than I thought but I’m hoping it will turn out well
  • Bake a cake. I don’t know if it’s just the weather or watching Bake Off but I feel the urge to bake. If you have any easy recipes, feel free to share …

the great indoors 1

I thought I’d share a few other autumnal things I’ve been enjoying indoors these past few weeks

  • Eva Cassidy – I’d forgotten how beautiful her voice was.  I’ve been listening to Fields of Gold and Autumn Leaves while pottering about. Thanks to Holding Heaven for reminding me of her. I found the CD my husband bought me years ago at the back of our CD pile !
  • Tea (lots of tea)
  • Candles from the Nomad Society. The ‘Forever Sunday’ candle is just divine…with notes of pumpkin and cinnamon it’s perfect for this time of year. You can check out the website here
  • Bloom magazine…for you flower, nature and garden lovers, this is a lovely read, full of beautiful photography (more details here)
  • Irish tea cake – perfect for elevenses, but I can eat it at any time (Ditty’s Moist Irish Tea Cake)
  • Last of the cosmos flowers…unbelievably, they are still in bloom !
  • Snuggling up on the sofa with Boris
  • And, at last, something decent to watch on the TV…my current fave is Killing Eve.

cosmos 1
the great indoors 2
cosmos 2

the Nomad society 2

Well, that’s a little round up of my autumn so far. What have you been up to this autumn? Feel free to share in the comments below.

And, in the meantime, have a lovely Sunday x

  1. Mmmmm, lovely! I’ve been indulging in some of these autumnal activities too… As you can probably guess, getting my wintery woollies out is always my favourite bit! I’ve also been gearing up for market season and taking some walks to enjoy the seasonal colours (weather permitting). I’m definitely going to be looking out for that Forever Sunday candle too, it sounds divine! Enjoy the rest of your weekend 😊

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  2. Those candles look lovely. Daughter made some yesterday and they’re awaiting carving for a Halloween do coming up. We’re across The Pond atm . Plenty of rain and wind there too…the tail end of the hurricanes I guess. We’ve a good few of your ‘ to do (s) waiting for us at home!


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