Last of the flowers

Back in spring (seems like a lifetime ago now), I sowed a few cosmos seeds. They’re a favourite of my father in law whose garden is always full of them come summertime. And sure enough, after a few weeks, they germinated and up they sprouted with their fern like foliage. Before too long, I planted them out and I thought to myself..that’s some summer colour sorted. 

To my surprise, here we are in mid November and those pretty cosmos flowers are still blooming…after heavy rain, strong winds and the first frost ! In fact, the geranium and scabious are also still in flower as well as the coreopsis. I’m not sure if it’s the milder temperatures that has helped them to last this long, but I’m not complaining. It’s lovely to have some colour in these darker November days.  It says something, too, about nature’s resilience which we can all take inspiration from. At this rate, I will do my best to help the cosmos last to Christmas !

Cosmos in my garden …in November

friday florals

A flatlay I put together using flowers from my November garden and the hedgerows nearby. November doesn’t have to mean No Colour !

autumn colour flatlay
autumn colour flatlay 2

In other news,  I’ve created my first Typewriter Girl calendar !! This is a 2019 desktop calendar featuring photographs taken by me in my garden or at some of my favourite places to visit. All in all, it has turned out quite well and I’ve been selling them at work – all profits made from the sale of these are being given to Action Cancer via my workplace who are sponsoring the charity this year.

2019 Calendar

If you are interested in buying one, you can purchase it via the link below.

2019 Calendar

And wherever you are in the world, have a lovely Sunday x

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