Doors opening

I always feel optimistic at the start of a new year –  gazing into the future,  contemplating the twelve months ahead, quietly excited about the possibilities it brings for moving forward.  I’ve never been one for resolutions but each year, as I’ve opened a new diary, I’ve felt compelled to write down some goals and plans,  eager to ensure that I packed in as much as possible in the year ahead , ticking things off the list, seizing the day, moving onwards and upwards.

This year, naturally,  I have some things I’d like to focus on…

a shed in the garden, better photos, personal fitness, my family history, mindfulness and simplicity

Management theory tells me my goals should be SMART – specific, measurable, action based,  realistic and time bound.  But here’s the thing, I don’t want targets or timelines. I have enough of that already in the workplace. I don’t really need it in my personal space as well.  Yes, I want to move forward, but this year, I don’t want to plan too much either. I’d like to have more of an open mind, leave myself open to more possibilities, not set too many expectations or place pressures on myself and see what pops up along the way.

Maybe adventure will find me, maybe it won’t.  I might read 100 books, I might just read 1.  I might travel abroad, or I might stay at home. Who knows ?  After all, January is named after Janus, the Roman god of doorways, journeys and beginnings. This year, I just want to open the door and see where the journey takes me.


Little things I am enjoying this month…

I’m currently reading ‘How to Make Space – an inspired guide to a clearer mind and home’. This is a lovely little book, full of ideas on how to create more space in your home,  time, mind and body. It’s beautifully illustrated and shows us how people from different cultures have sought to create space down through the ages. You can find the book here

I’m also enjoying this lovely Neom body oil.

Finally, I’m learning to embrace winter…the beautiful low light, the bareness of it all, the greens,  browns and grey blue, the textures, the mood and the melancholy…


Happy New Year everyone. I hope you enjoy this post and have a lovely Sunday x




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