Pause for Thought

It’s been a mild January so far, but if there is one word that springs to my mind this month, it’s grey (and relentlessly so). Even my normal optimistic self is craving now for some sunlight, some hint of colour outdoors, some blue sky on the horizon.  In their absence,  I’ve been quietly focused indoors. Perhaps it’s that New Year feeling, perhaps it’s the thought of a significant birthday later this year, but January seems to be my month for sorting, shifting and shedding.

Simple things I’ve enjoyed this past week..

A reorganised kitchen shelf…

I haven’t really followed much of the Marie Kondo method of tidying but I know these shelves definitely give me a little ‘spark of joy’ after a declutter.  When I took a few boxes of ‘stuff’ to our local Barnardos, the manager said they had been inundated with donations, which is great of course if it raises much needed funds. What happens , though, when we donate our unwanted, unloved, no longer needed, bought on a whim ‘stuff’  and it doesn’t sell ? I can’t help thinking how I would buy differently if I had to dispose of these things myself and I’m hoping this helps me make more considered decisions going forward.

kitchen shelf

2. Hellebores from the garden and yellow roses in a favourite vase.

roses indoors

3. Another baby step towards reducing our plastic use with  this toothbrush from Sustainable Folk

4. Sitting down to read this newsletter. I’ve pretty much unsubscribed from most things these days which means the emails that do pop into my inbox are ones I look forward to, especially when it’s addressed ‘Dearest Paula’.  This is the Writer’s Letter, a monthly email offering ‘simple writing advice on how to transform ordinary prose into something spectacular’. It’s from Huma, an author, former Guardian journalist and owner of the beautifully written blog  Our Story Time.

Yes, I can formulate a sentence, yes my grammar is good, but do I express the real me, do I engage people when they read my words? I’m not so sure. So I’m hoping these monthly tips  will up my game a little.


5. Love this Finnish proverb ‘ Happiness is a place between too little and too much’

Enjoy the rest of your week x

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